Travis Ennis

About me

I am a software engineer interested in creative coding, generative art, and photography based in Fortville, Indiana. I was born in Washington, Indiana in 1979 and I attended Indiana University from 1998-2002 and again 2004-2006, where I received a BA in History and then a Masters in Library and Information Science.

About this website

I build this site with Metalsmith and store it in a private Github repository. I use Github Actions to build and deploy the site out to an AWS S3 bucket. All of the pages are simple Markdown. One of the things about it doing this way is that I can use iAWriter and Working Copy on my iPhone and post and update this website directly from my phone wherever I am. I like building websites, I could tinker with this website to the exclusion of all else, so to prevent that from happening, I have kept the styling a bare minimum. I wouldn't say it is brutalist, but it is close. As it is I still have to stop myself from tweaking the design here and there.