Issue #8

The month of January wasn't as easy as the first four weeks in December. The trip to Colorado and the holidays made it relatively easy to find subject matter. Plus, it didn't hurt that I was off work for over 2 weeks during that time. January brought back waking up early for work and getting the girls off to school. It brought back working 8 hours days and being exhausted at night. But, still, I carried my camera with me everywhere I went. Some days I made only one image, but for this project one was enough. I kept working even on those days when I didn't feel like it and as the number of consecutive days grow it has created its own momentum.

This issue came nearly a month after the last. I don't plan on that happening again. I'd like to send these out at least once every week or two. I'm working on some new ideas for my website and I'll talk about those in an upcoming issue. If I can work it out right, I think I'll start publishing more content to my website on a regular basis and then use these newsletters to share them with you. 

Check out my site for all of the images I've posted so far for my 365 Project.


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