Issue #2

I found it a lot easier to write the first issue of this newsletter than I have writing this second one. This one, the one I'm sending out, is probably my third attempt. I was struggling to find the right subject, the right tone, the right voice. You want something to be just perfect, but when you do you end up with nothing at all. The same thing happens in my photography. You search trying to find that perfect image in front of your camera and it just never appears there. I think I saw a video one time of Martin Parr where he said you have to shoot a lot of crap in order to ever find anything good and I've been thinking a lot about that since then. The fact that you are going to fail more than you succeed is a hard lesson to learn for me. Failure is something I take personally even though I know that I shouldn't. I tell myself I'm not perfect and I never will be. There is much as much beauty in our faults as there is in our strengths. There is as much to learn from what we get wrong as what we get right. I tell myself those things, but I'm only human and I fight against it all the time. 

Henri Cartier Bresson said that your first 10,000 images are you worst and I don't have 10,000 images in my personal library. I have a lot of bad images to go. I have a lot of mistakes that I'm still allowed to make. And giving yourself permission to fail, to not be perfect, to screw it all up from time to time is an incredibly freeing experience. And, from that, sometimes what you find is something you never knew you were looking for or that you were capable of. 
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