Issue #1

Ever since I took up photography, I've been trying to find the best way to share my images, to meet other photographers, to find inspiration, and to get feedback. I've tried using social networks, posting to image sharing sites, and blogging. I didn't really find what I was looking for with any of them. Social networks tend to be mildly to exceedingly annoying places where lots of crap gets thrown at you that I don't care one bit about: advertisements, click-bait articles, game requests, etc. Image sharing sites are a better in this regard, but the only thing they allow you to do is post images to a stream; there isn't a good way to share thoughts, or fill someone in with what you've been working on. If you want to put out the occasional written update then blogs seem like the answer, but it seems that they've lost a little something since their heyday five or ten years ago. That's when I ran across the idea of an email newsletter, which is certainly not a new idea, but I had always pigeonholed email newsletters as something that organizations and companies sent out. It wasn't something that individuals used, but I've learned that is not true and there is a lot to like about email newsletters.

Email may not be the sexy, new thing, but everyone has an email address and most of us carry around an email client in our pocket on our smart phones.

I know exactly who is reading. When you subscribe you submit your email address and hopefully your name. 

Because I know who is reading, this is like a conversation. I'm talking to you, an actual person, and I'm filling you in on what has been going on with me. Hopefully you'll find it interesting, and maybe even interesting enough to respond. 

So, what's this newsletter going to be about? I'm not sure I really know yet. I do know I'm going to talk about photography and maybe just not my own photography either. I'll write about and share images I make. I have a few projects that I'd like to work on over the next year and I'll probably write about them. One thing I will admit is that while photography may be my passion, it is still an ongoing journey for me. There are still many aspects of it that I struggle with, so this newsletter may also end up being about my ups and downs, about the things I learn, and the mistakes I make. Be patient while I see where this takes me.
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