Issue #5

After my last issue I received an email from a long-time friend who asked if I wanted to receive comments and feedback. And my answer is of course I do. As I said in my very first issue, I chose to write an email newsletter because it has the potential to be more like a conversation. When you receive an issue from me, all you have to do is hit reply to share you thoughts. I spend a lot of time online, but very rarely do I have deep, meaningful conversations as a result. So, don't hesitate to write me back. 

This will probably be my last issue for this year. Next Monday, we are leaving to go to Colorado for a week to visit family for Christmas. I'm going to take my iPad along with me, so I'll have the ability to post, but it is highly likely I won't have the time. Being that this is my first trip to Colorado, I'll probably spend most of my time taking advantage of photo opportunities and sight-seeing.

So, if you don't hear from me again before the end of the year, have a wonderful holiday season, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

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