Travis Ennis

I Have to Start Somewhere

I decided to start blogging again and "again" is doing a lot of work here since the last time I did any sort of blogging was probably almost two years ago when I mostly just posted photographs and the last time I did any successful (and there is another word doing a lot of work) blogging was over a 15 years ago when I found myself in the library blogging community. I'm not entirely sure what I want to get out of it this time, but I think somewhere the seed comes from the fact that I tend to be an accumulator. For example, I like to read so I accumulate books and my read-later list is so long it barely serves the function of being read later. I like to accumulate bookmarks whether they be of things I actually need to return to on a frequent basis or they are simply things I find interesting and need now or might need someday. I accumulate my likes on Twitter and my up-votes on Reddit. I use IFTTT to track both and update a Google Spreadsheet with each one of them. I do the same with liked songs on Spotify. I have at least 15 years worth of old OPML files and probably at least 20 years worth of bookmark backups. Overall I have done a pretty good job of archiving what I've been into over the years and someone, if they were intrepid or bored enough, probably could piece together a picture of who I was from it. But, one thing I've never accumulated is a record of my thoughts with a voice that is uniquely mine. Sure, I have old blogs, short-lived as they were, and I have some journals I have kept sporadically over the years, but they don't amount to much and have never amounted to a long-term habit. So, initially, I guess the goal is to figure out how to turn this into a habit. Over the last few years I've done a good job of learning how to develop better habits and the trick is to start simple and gradually build from there. So, this where I start simple and I'll build from here.

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