Travis Ennis


From the history of computer art

Computer Composition with Lines

Designs for Textiles

Generative Artistry

These sketches came from following the tutorials at Generative Artistry. I did try to update this code to more modern javascript and made minor modifications as I implemented them. These really are some fantastic tutorials and can highly recommend them.

Random Sketches

Experiments based on random sketches I've found around the web. Most of the time I have ported these to p5.js or modern javascript, then modified them to suite my taste or explore an idea as I worked on it. However, these are based on the works of others (the links of which are in the source) and if those authors would like for me to remove any of these, please contact me.


You've found yourself on the site of Travis Ennis, a software engineer who lives in Indiana. If you'd like, you can contact me.