Travis Ennis

Sketch Forty-Two - Worley Noise

This sketch was inspired The Coding Train video, Coding in the Cabana 4: Worley Noise - YouTube. More about Worley Noise on Worley Noise - Coding in the Cabana Challenge #4 ยท The Coding Train.

I found that rendering worley noise with javascript to be nearly impossible. No matter how fast javascript engines have become in recent years they have their limits and something as computational intensive as rendering worley noise exceeded those limits. I usually size my sketches at 600x600, but rendering worley noise on the pixel level at that resolution was impossible. Each frame took forever to render. What I ended up doing was using a WebWorker to compute each frame and then pixelizing the Worley Noise so that each 'pixel' was a 6x6 square. Only with these two choices, could I render a 600x600 sketch of worley noise.

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